Joanna Blanquart-White is a British national with over 20 years experience in Reflexology. She has lived and practiced in Geneva for many years. She obtained her Diploma from the Bayly School of Reflexology in London and also has a Diploma in Body Massage, as well as practising "Massage Assis".

Joanna was a speaker at the 3rd European Reflexology Conference in Helsinki held in 1998 and last year attended the International Reflexology Conference in Hawaii "East meets West".
World Reflexology Week
This inspired her to organise the World Reflexology Week in Geneva which will be held from 24th - 30th September. 10% of the profits from this special event will be donated to Handicap International to provide an artificial limb for a child who has lost a foot or a leg in an anti-mine accident.

Joanna's interest in health has led her to study nutrition, colour therapy, the effects of colour on the eyes, metamorphosis and Chinese medicine and just recently she took up the challenge of learning Russian. I am sure many who know Joanna will agree with me that she is a warm, caring person with abundant knowledge who, through her cheerful personality, makes learning enjoyable.